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If you like a different headspace and analysing hidden meanings, these collections are for you...

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'Aquatic Oasis' Collection

A sunset lit calm ocean, with a dash of deep crimson as the theme, this is our unique take on seafaring yachts.

'Ethereal Voyage' Collection

Red sails mirrored on a becalmed ocean are the highlight of this seafaring collection.

'Candalia' Collection

A unique blend of candles & bottles combine in over 10 designs to cover every room.

'Monolith' Collection

Abstract art at its finest, paying homage to the finest monolithic structures from ancient history...

'Eastern Blue' Collection

A fascinating mix of rocky textures with man made square edges. Themed in teal and amber.

'The Blue Marble' Collection

A take on how earth was seen from space, highlighting how small our beautiful planet is in the grand scheme.